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Youngsters’ interest in politics…

A 21 ans, il est un ancien élève du collège Royal de Port-Louis. Il étudie actuellement le droit à l’University of Central Lancashire. Ex-participant au Transparency Mauritius Youth Forum 2017/18, il connaît très bien la Constitution du pays : «J’ai fait un module qui s’intitule Constitutional and Administrative law of Mauritius.» Il est aussi l’un des jeunes Mauriciens ayant participé au National Youth Parliament.

Today we can notice this sad truth that youngsters in Mauritius are interested neither in politics nor with what is going on in the actualities. Firstly, being interested in politics does not mean to be involved with a specific political party, going on the streets holding protests or to stand as candidate for the election. But the point is to know the development in our society and how things are functioning in our state.


The question I often get when I raise the point to be interested in such matters is: why should we get involved in politics? I will rather say that, since we live in a democratic state, it is our concern to know everything happening in the society and react upon them. Everything happening in all sectors is obviously related to politics and our daily lives. Therefore, it makes no sense not to be interested. Unfortunately in Mauritius, scandals with many politicians are worsening this situation. As a result, we get many youngsters who do not know how to raise their voices or are afraid to do so since they have not organised themselves in that way.


The big issue nowadays is that we can hear only criticism from many young people and see no action at all. Criticism on social media can be seen everywhere on most posts of young people, but unfortunately, those critics have no result at the end of the day.


It is high time that young people of Mauritius inculcate the value of Mauritianism. It is important to know about all issues happening in the society, about all factors governing the state and more importantly who to vote to govern our state.


I believe that it is very important that every parent inculcates that value of loving one’s country since the beginning of their kid’s lives. Patriotic programs along with the history of Mauritius should be often organised in schools and colleges. Knowing the history and hard work of our ancestors for Mauritius is important in building fraternity among Mauritians. Also, it is good to highlight that our old people fought a lot to get us the right to vote and to decide who to put to govern the country, so we should definitely reflect upon that. Just turning up to vote on election day is not being patriotic, but doing our best to upgrade our society, prevent wrongdoings from happening towards citizens of Mauritius by making our voices heard and taking serious actions.


Taking the above into consideration and reflecting upon the above points will surely help our youth to get a better reflection on their steps in being involved to build a better Mauritius. As quoted by John F. Kennedy, “political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen.”


Par Yaadav Damree



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