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A cry for the abused

Activement engagé dans le social, détenteur d’un BA Joint (Hons) in Humanities (English & French) et enseignant, le jeune homme partage un cri venant du cœur. 

Amidst all the panic and severity of the Covid-19, we are in complete total lockdown. This means we have been urged to stay at home. With our family.


While we are putting a lot of challenges on social media and trying to make a lot of recipes with our loved ones, there is something about which we are quite hapless and helpless. Home abuse. Imagine living with your abuser. Imagine being in quarantine with the one who physically or/and mentally abuse you. Psychological abuse. All forms of abuse. Imagine you are stuck in a house where you have nowhere to run nor no one to turn to for help. Domestic violence in all its sense is a matter of utmost priority to be dealt with. Especially under this lockdown circumstance.


People don’t have food. People are asking for help and we are helping. But abused children and people can’t come forward with their queries. As much as I would like to think of numerous ways to help, I can’t. And it pisses me off. Big time.


But I think we can urge the authorities to make this a priority. A cry of despair. A cry for the abused.


Mauritius, a paradise outlet, is entertaining people who rely on abuse in their daily activities. A small angel of 10, being constantly abused by her parents and this week she was killed by her own mother and stepfather. Killed. Cold-bloodedly. And dumped. And they even tried to cut her body parts. 10 years old. Killed. In this lockdown. It’s a shame, a pity and the worst of scenario.


People who are well versed in laws and in organizations which deal with domestic violence, I urge you and pray that you take your stand, whether professionally or socially. I have no right to decide who gets to live or not. But I believe that to be hanged till death can be a starter. People like me will talk about it, write about it, be angry about it, but don’t have the resource or knowledge to do anything about it. But people who can actually do things, it’s now time to shine.


Rest in peace little girl. We failed you. I hope we don’t keep failing innocents. That sucks big time. And it is painful even to think about it. Below are some numbers to contact if ever you feel threatened or abused. Very least that I can do.


1. 214 2451 (Helpline Mauritius)
2. 119 (Hotline)
3. 113 (CDU hotline)
4. 139 (Abuse/DV hotline)

Chetan Gukhool