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The beauty of my island

Cette enseignante de 34 ans est une rêveuse. À travers son dernier livre, un recueil de nouvelles intitulé Tales from this world and other ones et publié récemment, elle amène les lecteurs à s’évader dans d’autres mondes. Ce qui ne l’empêche pas de proposer des textes plus terre à terre, comme ce poème où elle évoque la beauté de son île.

Faced with the beauty of the island I’ve birthed

My pride, my ego and my negativity

All melt into gentle flows of honey

Flowing from the core of my soul

Pouring into those having cupped hands

Standing nearby, willing to accept the same sweetness

Inside their hearts!

Faced with the majesty of the scintillating blue ocean

The masses of green valleys

The exquisite coolness of the wintery sun

Why, I can help it not

I have to bite my lips

And thank the gods for having allowed me

To live in such a place

Where it would seem that

Fairies and elves

Enjoy their existence while mocking us humans

For being so ignorant as to have our gazes

Focused solely on toils, duties, responsibilities,

All which shall matter only as long as we shall inhabit human bodies!

Why, if living on earth implies having duties to accomplish

So as to repay the dues of our punishment

Then, I do have to bow down to the higher powers

As to have allowed me opportunities to enjoy

The grace of such a show of nature at its best

While I do carry the weight of my sins on my shoulders!

Pray, someday, when my mortal self shall turn into dust,

Someday, if the gods would have me not by their sides

I shall ask to be made into wind

And I shall overpower the expanse of such beauty

Simply by being!